Basic programming code

Basic programming for children

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The basics of programming and technical creativity

The children learn with us elements and creative concepts about coding, developed especially for children, so they can create what they really like! They will learn website editing basics and programming basics.


The structure of the course
Creating their own games and coding programs.
Designed especially for children, our platforms will help them learn coding basics and their computing skills and finding solutions will be improved, in a fun way.
They will study in an enviroment especilly created (a place where the children will write codes, will run it and fix it, without using any other tool) with the help of the coding tools: Code, Scratch and Khan, Microsoft Kodu, C++ code.
They will skillfully use programming knowledge with the help of the activities of visual programming.
Our students work with graphics coding programs, combining different elements (images, sound effects, photos and so on) so they can create something completely new.
The coding programming helps the child to create his own interactive stories, animations, games and music.
They will use BLOX mode ( basics for programming with visuals and colorful blocks)

Aquired skills

Creating logical connexions

The basic knowledge of coding, the main programming knowledge used now

Technical creativity

Programming principles and creative methods

Tip curs:              SALĂ, disponibil și ONLINE
Durată modul:  3 luni
Frecvență:          1 sedintă pe săptamână, 90 minute
Grupe:                  4-6 cursanți
Investiție:           290 lei lunar
Reducere:           5% frați sau cursant al școlii
Program:            Marti – Sambata : orele 10.00,12.00,14.00,16.00,18.00


Telefon: 0722870576



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