Web Programming Course for children 11-14 years

Available ONLINE

initiere informatica copii


Using the HTML & CSS language, you will be able to create your own site from scratch! With practical applications, you will develop the structure and content of a presentation website.
You will be able to edit and interpret the text code of programs and web pages using the HTML and CSS programming language. Together we will create websites using HTML structures and elements and we will improve the appearance of websites with CSS web design tools – creating buttons, links, and icons for the site.

Nowadays, an amazing website is essential for anyone hoping to build a career. In the modern world, in order for companies to remain relevant and have an advantage over their competitors, they must have an attractive online presence in order to build their brand and make a name for themselves.

In this programming course for children, experienced IT Junior mentors teach you how to create and manage your own websites so that you can increase your online presence while learning two of the most popular languages: HTML and CSS.

Aquired skills

to create a website from scratch, to write and interpret a code

to develop and optimize a website


With the JavaScript programming language, you experience the practice and intermediate knowledge of programming, object-oriented, through projects and visual challenges.

In the programming course for children with JavaScript, you learn how to write text through lines of code. Learn about object-oriented programming-geometric figures and create animated games for an interactive and educational experience. After each course, you make practical projects, in the form of a game or application.


Aquired skills

to develop your own JavaScript games

to work with a professional game developer

to create with the help of visual projects

Course type:  classroom, also available ONLINE
Duration:        3 months
Frequency:     1 meeting/week, 90 minutes
Groups:           4-8  participants
Investment:   300 lei monthly
Schedule:        Tuesday- Saturday : hours 10.00,12.00,14.00,16.00,18.00


Phone Nr: +40 722870576

Email: contact@itjunior.ro


Commons Hub Unirii, Strada Halelor 5, Bucharest

Checkpoints:  Unirii Metro Station, to Old Town