Robotics courses for children 

Building and programming robots

Available ONLINE

The structure of the course


The course is conceived for beginers and uses development modules like Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
The learning process is interactive and is based on practice.
Using mini-platforms, the students first learn how to programme some simple projects, like switching a led, the spinning of a wheel connected to a little engine, the display of a text.
Then we can move on to building little robots which we can program into making some moves, based on the information received from the sensors incorporated in them.
Our students build robots and learn how to program them.
Building the robots combines itself perfectly with the all the coding knowledge.

Aquired skills

The children will create their own robots

They will develop  skills like logical and creative thinking

Course type:  classroom, also available ONLINE
Duration:        3 months
Frequency:     1 meeting/week, 90 minutes
Groups:           4-6  participants
Investment:   290 lei monthly
Special offer: 5% discount for brothers or school student
Schedule:        Tuesday- Saturday : hours 10.00,12.00,14.00,16.00,18.00


Phone Nr: 0722870576



Commons Hub Unirii, Strada Halelor 5, București

Checkpoints:  Unirii Metro Station, to Old Town