Robotics courses for children 8-14 years

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curs robotica pentru copii

Fascinated by technology?
Find out how to program robots! At IT Junior, children learn to program robots!

The robotics course for children is designed for beginners and development modules such as Arduino, Microbit, and Raspberry Pi are used.
Learning is interactive and practice-based. Using mini-programming and robotics platforms for children, you will learn at the beginning how to program simple projects such as lighting an LED, turning a wheel connected to a motor, and displaying a preset text on a small display.

Then we can go on, to build robots that we can program to make certain movements, depending on the information received from the sensors built into them.


The robotics course for children teaches students valuable concepts in engineering and physics, will allow them to experiment with their ideas, will expose them to the process of designing a product, and will show them how many correct solutions there are to the same problem.


While working in design teams, students will take on the roles of engineers and will learn and implement the following concepts:


• Programming and controlling a robot
• Basics of electronic theory: LEDs, resistors, sensors
• Create gadgets using Arduino platform sensors
• Developing problem-solving skills
• Development of programming and robotics knowledge

Aquired skills

The children will create their own robots

They will develop  skills like logical and creative thinking

Course Period
16 meeting (4 month)


Classroom in Bucharest, Online or 1 to 1
1 meeting/week, 90 minute


Module 16 sesion – 1395 lei
The amount can be paid in 3 equal installments of 465 lei/installment



Tuesday- Saturday: hours 10.00,12.00,14.00,16.00,18.00


Phone Nr: +40 722870576



Commons Hub Unirii, Strada Halelor 5, București

Checkpoints:  Unirii Metro Station, to Old Town